We need some big size men for models!!

modelwanted FASHION - お洒落


Hello.Thank you for reading this topic.And sorry I’m not good at English.

At first, I must talk about us. We are writing some topics for “Big size men fashion” in Japan. Because we would like to open the fashion store for big men on this Apr.It’ll be an e-commerce website.

So, we need some models! Of course,who are big size!!

Could you become a big size model?

Overview about the model.

  • We need some big size mens models.
  • We would like to take a lot of pictures during a day(8 hours) at Osaka.
  • We will pay  ¥10000 – ¥50000 / day(8 hours). It’ll be decided by your requirements.
  • The shoot will be taken by a professional cameraman and our crews.
  • The day of the shoot will be decided by your schedule.
  • If you enter it ,we’ll contact you and we would meet you once to decide the day and your remuneration.

If you have interest that, please enter here!

We are looking forward to meeting you someday!

Thank you.